Nayla Tawa is a breathwork, meditation, kriya and yoga teacher, as well as a filmmaker, adventurer, and athlete. She has been featured in several media outlets including Rolling Stone Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Backcountry Magazine. Her path towards yoga started after surviving a near death experience embarked her on a path of both physical and mental healing, eventually leading her to India to train directly under Anand Mehrotra, the youngest known spiritual master in the world. Sattva yoga is an integrated approach that merges the teachings of the Vedic and Tantric traditions of Himalayan yoga, and is applicable to people from all backgrounds. As an extreme outdoor enthusiast, Nayla aspires to compassionately lead others to push past their own fears and limitations, while simultaneously guiding them towards their true ultimate journey; the journey inwards. She loves the challenge of teaching in unconventional spaces, having taught aboard ships in the rocky waters of Antarctica, to the wild jungles of Costa Rica, to the homeland of yoga, India. Nayla graciously and passionately guides her students to discover their own true potential.


"In deep gratitude to all those who have trusted me as their guide on each individuals path into Yoga." - Nayla

“I had the great good fortune to take yoga classes with Nayla aboard Ocean Adventurer en route to and from Antarctica. Not having taught on a ship before, Nayla thoughtfully and gracefully created experiences appropriate for the rocking space, pulling from her vast experience and wisdom. Nayla’s guidance is extraordinary and offers opportunity for growth. I hope one day to practice with her again.”

     - Susie Mann (Antarctica 2019)

"I met Nayla in early 2017 in the advanced Tantric Yoga course led by Nancy Goodfellow in Santa Theresa. I attended the training to advance my insights on energetic alignment and advanced sequencing. Now 2.5 years later I finally had the chance to attend the 'Yoga Melt' Nayla designed and led at the Believe Yoga & Surf retreat, and I was really impressed. First of all by her years and years of body and breath intelligence that she integrated in the perfect variation and length of holding postures. The perfect balance in yin and yang energy building up to intensity and letting it go exactly in time to get the benefits. Her voice is strong and sincere and leading. Her energy makes you feel safe while challenged towards your own edges, it is passionate, light, understanding and caring. If Nayla would consider moving to Amsterdam I would definitely ask her to teach on the fixed Yagoy teaching schedule as an experienced teacher. I have seen hundreds of teachers teach at my studio in the past 7 years and you know exactly when a teacher teaches from the heart with intelligence driven by the intention to help people. Nayla is definitely one of them. "

       - Narges Lotfi, founder and CEO of Yagoy Pijp and Yagoy West Amsterdam

“I am writing to celebrate and acknowledge Nayla Tawa’s skills as a teacher and a spiritual practitioner of yoga.  We were on an Antarctic trip with Nayla and she managed to offer relevant and meaningful yoga classes during rough waters, times of quiet and calm, and also in a setting that required creativity in order to practice.  These classes were highlights as Nayla intuitively knew what people needed and she provided classes that served the community beautifully.” 

      - Amy MacDonald (Antarctica 2019)

I have been doing yoga for the last 30 years of my life and had a one of a kind, of a lifetime, teacher for many years.
When I went to Nayla's class in Costa Rica, I knew then she had the same gift as my teacher.
She goes to the roots of yoga and make you dig there. This is what yoga is about: to grow to be free. Nayla will take you there no doubt.
     - Brigitte, USA, 2018

“I did yoga with Nayla in Antarctica and her classes were extremely therapeutic after backcountry skiing with a heavy guide backpack.  Nayla's classes helped realign my mind and body and get me back to my best.  Her voice is remedial - it relaxes and takes you away from everyday reality for a bit.”

      - Miles Clark, Ice axe ski guide & Snow Brains CEO (Antarctica 2019)

I had the great pleasure to participate at Nayla's "Melt" yoga classes. It was a very rewarding and truly transformative time for me. Not only for my body but also for my mindset. Nayla is incredibly positive, inspiring, shiny and focused teacher. She makes sure everyone get's the same amount of attention. I learned a lot from her about yoga and how to work with my mind and for sure with my body as well. Especially in the Yin parts of her melt yoga classes she always gave and illustrated alternatives for every person's needs in a very clear and helpful way. She taught me how to challenge myself and also how to be patient at the same time. I highly recommend her yoga classes. For beginners and also for the advanced yogis! She would push you further in such a gentle way, so you wouldn't even notice that suddenly you are like me in the Bakasana and having a big smile on your face! Bakasana was for years my "Naaah, I prefer the child's pose than that one" posture. I think everyone has her/his own "Bakasana" in our daily yoga practice. I highly recommend Nayla as a teacher if you want to bring your personal yoga to the next level in a happy, natural and playful way.
     - Ines, Germany, 2019

"Talented and charismatic, strong woman, both physically and mentally! I don't know even which words to use to describe you as a yoga teacher Nayla! What has happened in your past made you, and the person you are becoming, into a woman with a beautiful knowledge to compassionately guide your students through yoga; through the path of yoga. Your strength and courage come through your voice, as you lead with dynamism through the movements. You give your whole self as a person, and as a teacher when you are guiding us on the mat.
I recommend eyes closed Nayla, my friend, and beautiful teacher."

     - Amélina Fenouillet, Yoga Teacher, Costa Rica

"After getting back from my first time surfing in Costa Rican paradise...oops it's 6:15, hurry yoga session is in 15min...jump into the pool to rinse the salty residue. Got on the mat, looked up, and there you were!!!
I loved the way you led the session by giving alternative positions, and took care of each individual so we could progress within our limit. I felt surounded by your kindness and warmth. I reallly let myself go, my mind was nowhere else then here in this nature. 
With the help of your playlist, the memories of my recently close friend's death started invading me and got me into tears of sadness but also gratefulness for giving me a kick in the __ to go out and live my dream! Then came the calmdown where you went around spreading relaxing scents, and put your hands on my head, and instantly been touched strongly in the heart. I started crying again thinking of my incredible 3 kids!!! That was a moment that I will never forget.
I’ve been lucky to have a 2 student, hour long session, in the morning with you where you told us intimately your inspiring story of recovery. I remember your words ´´we have our own mountain heights to conquer’´ that made me feel peace within some quite painfull part of my body.
Nayla you are that kind of a human being that inspires, naturally you shine!
Thank’s xxx, hope to meet you again somewhere in the world!
     - Vincent, Canada 2019